About Supress Products

In 2005, Supress revolutionized the building industry with Supress Sound-Engineered Drywall -- a gypsum-based high-performance, fire-rated soundproofing panels in industry-standard panel sizes and thicknesses.

Today, Supress manufactures sound-engineered drywall, plywood, sealant and adhesive.

Whether you are building or remodeling a commercial, multi-family or residential structure, Supress Sound-Engineered Products reduce airborne sound and impact noise. Supress brings walls, floors, and ceilings up to the luxury acoustical standards that today's building dwellers demand. In addition to removing up to 78 or more decibels of noise from standard wall, floor and ceiling assemblies, our products are available with anti-mold properties. Unlike other solutions, installing Supress products involves the same tools and procedures as installing standard drywall or plywood.

Supress Sound-Engineered Products are superior to other acoustical products which use materials such as metal and cement/ceramic in an effort to boost acoustical performance and fire resistance. These products are heavy and difficult to cut and install correctly. In particular, the panels with metal often interfere with or prevent wireless communications.

Supress Products is actively involved in many industry associations to further the awareness, understanding, and use of advanced building materials that help professionals build higher performance LEED-compliant structures with renewable and sustainable materials.

Supress is a member of the following organizations and associations:

National Association of Home Builders
Home Builder Association of Northern California
Custom Electronic Design & Installtion Association
Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry
US Green Building Council

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