Supress® Supress Sound-Engineered Adhesive
(AS387 Drywall) (AS487 Plywood)

Our Supress Sound-Engineered Adhesive is an alternative to our Sound-Engineered Drywall and Sound-Engineered Plywood if you are using your own acoustical materials for cladding over existing surfaces. Supress Soundproofing Adhesive is an easy, low-cost upgrade for existing structures, providing the highest STC and IIC performance available in standard assemblies.

Each standard size tube fits existing equipment on the job site, and covers an average of 15-25 square feet with no hazardous chemicals of solvents--making it extremely environmentally friendly.
  • Provides the highest STC and IIC performance (50+ depending upon the assembly) in a thin layer
  • Dramatically reduces impact noise
  • Easy, low-cost upgrade for existing structures
  • Coverage: 15-25 square feet
  • Environmentally friendly-no solvents or hazardous chemicals
Wall, floor and ceiling penetrations create paths for sound. Make sure that any openings for recessed lighting, audio speakers, electrical outlets, fire sprinklers, etc. are fully sealed, otherwise sound energy may pass through these areas, reducing overall acoustic performance. Doors and windows also create paths for unwanted sound. Remediate or specify the appropriate assembly for the performance desired.
  How to Use Supress® Supress Sound-Engineered Adhesive

Surface Preparation: Surfaces must be thoroughly clean and free from saw dust, dirt, grease, oils, wood chips, release agents, coatings and any other contaminants that may affect adhesion. 

Application: Read installation instructions before use. Apply at between 50-100 degrees for best results. Cut tip and puncture cartridge inner seal using circular motion to enlarge opening in seal completely.  Apply with conventional caulking gun and spread evenly over first panel surface. Place second panel over coated area within 15 minutes and press together evenly to insure complete and consistent adhesion.  Allow assembly to cure for 24 hours, longer if temperature is less than 70 degrees F.  Use nails, screws or other mechanical fasteners at 8" intervals on edges and at 12" intervals in center to install laminated panel into floor, wall, or ceiling assembly.

Cleanup: Immediately remove all excess sealant or smears as work progresses with soap and water.  

Precautions: For all Supress products, and for other products used in conjunction with Supress products, users must follow individual product labels and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for warnings and precautions prior to opening containers and during use and storage. 

Additional Supress Sound-Engineered Products:

Supress Sound-Engineered Products are available through local professional building supply dealers and distributors throughout the US.


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