Supress® Sound-Engineered Drywall

Our Sound-Engineered Drywall (SED) provides top-of-the-line sound and vibration absorption in a thin panel construction. No special tools or equipment are required for installation. Its non-metallic construction will not interfere with cellular phone reception, wireless controls, or wireless networks. It contains water-based materials for interior use and is fire-tested and approved. It has passed independent fire lab and field acoustic performance testing, and is available with anti-mold protection. Use Supress Sound-Engineered Sealant on panel edges or around penetrations.

Supress Sound-Engineered Drywall is available in the following configurations:

SED1248 1/2-inch 6,8,9,10,12 ft Great for remodeling construction and cladding over existing walls to achieve superior acoustic performance. STC rating 50-67, depending on wall assembly.
SED5848 5/8-inch 6,8,9,10,12 ft Ideal for new construction in single-family, multi-family residential or commercial applications. STC rating 52-69, depending on wall assembly.
SED3448 3/4-inch 8 ft only Designed for walls needing better sound suppression at low frequencies (subwoofers) such as a home theater. STC rating 54-72, depending on wall assembly.
SED4448 1-inch 8 ft only For high-end home theatres and professional sound studios. STC rating 55-78+, depending on wall assembly.
AS287 Sound-Engineered Sealant Use on all panel edges, joint or seams.

Seal Cut-outs and Penetrations

Wall, floor and ceiling penetrations create paths for sound. Make sure that any openings for recessed lighting, audio speakers, electrical outlets, fire sprinklers, etc. are fully sealed, otherwise sound energy may pass through these areas, reducing overall acoustic performance. Doors and windows also create paths for unwanted sound. Remediate or specify the appropriate assembly for the performance desired.
  How to install Supress® Sound-Engineered Drywall

Supress Sound-Engineered Drywall panels can be cut with a standard utility knife, eliminating the need for special tools, techniques and the installation headaches often associated with other acoustical panels made with metal and/or ceramic layers.

Supress can also be easily cut with standard commercial drywall routers and saws.
  1. Measure the space and cut the panel to size, minimizing the gaps between panels and with other surfaces. Due to the aggressive nature of air- and structure-borne sound, Supress recommends a contiguous application of Supress Sound-Engineered Drywall on all surfaces: Walls-from floor to ceiling and with 100% coverage on ceilings, boxing-in recessed lighting, audio speaker fixtures, etc. with the same thickness of Supress. Every gap between the panels and any cut-outs or penetrations for electrical outlets, pipes, fire sprinkler nozzles, etc. should be sealed with Supress Acoustical Sealant.
  2. After cutting, just place the Supress panel.
  3. After placing the panel in the correct position, use standard drywall screws, of the appropriate length for the material and job, to attach the panel. Supress has detailed instructions available in many languages in our "Downloads Library".
It's that easy.

Additional Supress Sound-Engineered Products:

Supress Sound-Engineered Products are available through local professional building supply dealers and distributors throughout the US.



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