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Soundproofing in General

Soundproofing is defined as any method of reducing the ability of sound to travel between point A and point B, and is accomplished by the reduction of noise and the absorption of noise Read more >>

Sound Engineered Drywall
Sound engineered drywall, also referred to as “SED,” is a special type of drywall designed to soundproof interior walls, floors, and ceilings in residential and commercial structures. Read more >>

Sound Engineered Floors
Sound engineered floors are also known as "soundproofed" floors, and are floors designed to limit the amount of airborne noise in a structure. Read more >>

Soundproof Ceilings
Soundproof ceilings are ceilings that have been treated with materials to make them sound proof, or to limit the ability of sound waves to travel through the ceiling.

Soundproof Drywall
Soundproof drywall is a type of drywall engineered to block the travel of sound between one room and another. Read more >>

Benefits of Soundproof Rooms
Unwanted noise can be a major distraction. Whether kicking back at home or handling business at the office, there are countless benefits to reducing extraneous noise in your environment.

Soundproofing Materials for Commercial Structures
Commercial soundproofing is becoming more and more popular and soundproofing materials are in demand. Destination travelers want to feel as though they are being provided with the utmost privacy.

Soundproof Sheetrock
Soundproof sheetrock is regular sheetrock (also known as drywall, gypsum board, or plasterboard) that has been factory dampened, or treated to block the travel of sound.

Noise Proof Walls
Noise proof walls are walls designed to block external sound from entering a room and internal sound from exiting a room.

Sound Deadening Board
“Sound-deadening board,” sometimes referred to as “soundboard,” is a building material often used as an additional layer in the construction of soundproof walls, ceilings, and floors to reduce the transmission of sound.

Soundproof Floors
Soundproof floors are floors that treated to absorb and block the travel of impact noise, which can be especially problematic to avoid. Impact noise is a result of contact between two objects.

How to Hire a Good Contractor
Home renovation projects are a major investment. Before you sink a lot of money into home improvements, make sure you are hiring the right contractor for the job.

Questions to Ask When Renting
Apartment hunting can be tough. If you don’t ask the right questions and talk to the right people, you may end up signing a lease that ties you to a miserable existence for a year or more.

Soundproof - What I need to know
To soundproof a room means to insulate it from noise, or in layman’s terms, to prevent noise from entering or escaping a room.

Making Way for Renovations - Packing Tips for Home Construction
When home renovations are scheduled for your apartment or house, proper packing and labeling of your possessions can save you countless hours of frustration when renovations are complete.

How to Save Money on Home Improvements
Home improvements cost a nice chunk of change. There is just no way around it. If you play your cards right, however, you can save considerably on the cost and get the most bang for your buck.

Five Ways NOT to Soundproof Your Home
There comes a time when you realize you need to soundproof a room. It may be a basement you’re converting into a media room, a spare bedroom you want to turn into a studio, or a nursery you want to make quiet.

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