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Soundproof Floors

What are soundproof floors?
Soundproof floors are floors that treated to absorb and block the travel of impact noise, which can be especially problematic to avoid. Impact noise is a result of contact between two objects. A common example of impact noise is footfall noise and is a frequent problem in both single-family and multi-family homes. However, impact noise can also result from anything that encounters the floor – it can be caused by furniture being moved around, a glass that falls to the floor, or the running of a vacuum.

The best way of dealing with impact noise in your home is to use a thick carpet and an additional floor pad to cover the floor. Usually this method produces the best results. However, in cases where applying a carpet is not possible or desired, the next best thing is to go straight to the source and soundproof the floor.

Soundproofing a new floor
Soundproofing a floor can be relatively simple and how you go about it depends on whether you are building a new floor or trying to soundproof an existing one. If you are building a new floor, the best thing to do is to use soundproof drywall instead of regular drywall in the initial construction. Soundproof drywall is like regular drywall with additional layers designed to block the travel of sound by absorbing the sound waves. This process of absorption is also referred to as “dampening the sound.” Soundproof an existing floor

If you are trying to soundproof an existing floor, the easiest way to do it is by using mass-loaded vinyl. Mass-loaded vinyl can be easily installed on top of the raw floor surface, or “sub-floor.” If you have carpeting, you will need to remove the carpeting, padding, and baseboard. Then you can install the mass-loaded vinyl, and you reinstall the baseboard, padding, and carpeting.

If you have a hard floor surface like tile, linoleum, or hardwood, you can install the mass-loaded vinyl on top of your floor surface as an intermediate layer, and then install a new topical hard floor surface to complete the job.

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