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Sound Deadening Board

What is sound deadening board (AKA “soundboard”)?
“Sound-deadening board,” sometimes referred to as “soundboard,” is a building material often used as an additional layer in the construction of soundproof walls, ceilings, and floors to reduce the transmission of sound.

Soundboard can be used in conjunction with soundproof drywall (also known as “sound engineered drywall” and “soundproof sheetrock”) or in conjunction with regular drywall to achieve a soundproofing effect.

How does sound-deadening board block sound?
Sound-deadening board blocks sounds in the following three ways: by increasing the space between the sound’s origin and the other side of the wall, ceiling, or floor; by adding mass to the conducting surface and by dampening or “absorbing” the sound.

Adding mass, space, and dampening are the three ways sound can be blocked. The principle of adding space is relatively easy to understand – the further one is from a sound, the less likely one is to hear it. The principle of mass is also simple – add layers through which the sound wave must travel before reaching the other side of a wall, ceiling, or floor, and more of the sound waves will be absorbed before they have a chance to become audible outside of the room from which the sound originated. Finally, the principle of dampening involves reducing a sound wave’s ability to vibrate, thereby reducing its ability to become audible. Dampening a wall (or floor or ceiling) is also known s achieved by disconnecting the wall, which is achieved by adding layers that obstruct the path of the sound wave. Sound deadening board employs all of these principles in blocking sound.

How is sound-deadening board used?
Sound-deadening board is often applied between sheets of drywall to form a sandwich. A special type of glue must be used to connect the sound deadening board to the drywall; however, there are some new materials on the market today that are very similar to sound deadening board but do not require the use of glue. Overall, using sound deadening board to soundproof a room is a cost-effective way to reduce noise.

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