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Noise Proof Walls

What are “noise proof walls?”
Noise proof walls are walls designed to block external sound from entering a room and internal sound from exiting a room. Noise proof walls are made up of proprietary soundproofing materials such as sound-engineered drywall and adhesive that work together to block the travel of sound. Noise proof walls are also referred to as “soundproof walls” or “sound engineered walls,” and are increasingly common in luxury single-family residences, duplexes, and multi-family residences like apartments and condominiums wherein tenants share common walls and ceilings.

How do noise proof walls block sound?
Sound is energy that travels through by way of vibration through a solid, liquid, or gas. Noise proof walls block sound by obstructing the path the sound wave must travel in order to become audible on the other side of the wall. This is accomplished by absorbing and/or slowing down the vibrations of the sound wave in a process called “dampening.” Dampening is achieved by increasing the density of the wall and thereby obstructing the ability of sound wave to travel, also known as “disconnecting” the wall.

How can I create a noise proof wall in my home?
If you want to noise proof an existing wall in your home, in most cases you can use soundproof drywall, also known as “sound-engineered drywall.” The great thing about most soundproof drywall is that it can be applied directly over existing drywall on either side of the wall, and even to the ceiling. As long as the existing walls are in relatively good condition, there is no need to take them down – you don’t even need to remove the paint. Soundproof drywall is a great, cost-effective way to upgrade the acoustics of your home, office, or studio without taking on a complicated construction project.

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