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Benefits of a Soundproof Room

Unwanted noise can be a major distraction. Whether kicking back at home or handling business at the office, there are countless benefits to reducing extraneous noise in your environment. Not only is a quiet home or office more peaceful than a noisy one, minimizing disruptions is also ideal for relaxation, concentration, and productivity. Moreover, a soundproof room means you can be as loud as you want without disturbing anyone. It works both ways!

How Do You Soundproof a Room?
Want some peace and quiet but not sure where to begin? No problem. Supress Products offers various soundproofing materials to meet your needs, whether you want to soundproof before or after construction. Either, way noise reduction can be achieved.

Before Construction
To soundproof a room before construction, you should use sound-engineered drywall, also known as “SED” in place of regular drywall when building the room in your home or office. How does it work? When used with an adhesive sealant, sound-engineered drywall absorbs rather than conducts sound, thereby making sure that sound does not become audible on the other side of the room, floor, or ceiling that you are building.

After Construction
If you want to soundproof a room you are already occupying, there is no need to demolish or rebuild. SED can be applied on top of existing walls, ceilings, and floors. Once applied, treat the extra layer of SED as regular drywall and you can paint or wallpaper over it, whatever you prefer. It is that simple.

Want to use plywood? Supress Products also offers sound-engineered plywood, also known as “SEP” which can be used in place of regular plywood, or applied over existing plywood, in the same way SED can be used.

No matter what your soundproofing needs, Supress Products delivers. Contact us for more info today.

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