As people live more closely together, sound and noise become annoyances. Supress Sound-Engineered Products® are the solutions to quieter environments. Whether you are building or remodeling a commercial, multi-family or residential structure, Supress Sound-Engineered Products reduce airborne sound and impact noise. Supress brings walls, floors, and ceilings up to the luxury acoustical standards that today's building dwellers demand. In addition to removing up to 78 or more decibels of noise from standard wall, floor and ceiling assemblies, our products are available with anti-mold properties.
  • Enables superior acoustical performance with the thinnest wall assembly construction
  • Up to 78 or more decibels of noise reduction
  • Installs like standard products
  • Available throughout North America
Our Sound-Engineered Drywall (SED) provides top-of-the-line sound and vibration absorption in a thin panel construction.
Our Sound-Engineered Plywood (SEP) product contains no metal and has tapered tongue-and-groove construction.
Our Supress Sound-Engineered Adhesive is an alternative to drywall or plywood if you are using your own acoustical materials for cladding over existing surfaces. Use Supress Sound-Engineered Sealant around any cut-outs for electrical boxes, phone/cable jacks, or other noise intrusions. Optionally, use sealant on panel edges, floor seams and joints.
  Where To Buy

Supress Sound-Engineered Products are available through local professional building supply dealers and distributors throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.

Contact us today for your nearest distributor.

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