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Southernmost Hotel
Key West, Florida

Southernmost on the Beach is currently undergoing an exciting expansion. By early 2009, there will be 80 spacious new rooms utilizing Supress Sound-Engineered Drywall on all demising walls throughout the building in order to reduce sound transmission between rooms.

The Delano Hotel
The Florida Room
Miami Beach, Florida
Located in the heart of South Beach and directly on the ocean, Delano is the ultimate world-class urban resort and self-contained destination.

The irresistible allure of mid-century Miami Beach nightlife returns to the city in The Florida Room at Delano. Mentioned as the "America's Coolest Hotel" by Vogue magazine, The Florida Room is a modern-day piano lounge inspired by a classic period of South Floridian glamour. The focal point of The Florida Room is a Lucite grand piano which has already been played by music legends like Lenny Kravitz and Jamie Foxx. Supress Sound-Engineered Drywall was used throughout the room to provide sound-proofing for hotel guests

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The Fountains
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
As the growth of high-density living expands across North America, the need to minimize interior noise pollution has never been greater. Supress Sound-Engineered Drywall was installed on all corridors and demising walls throughout these twin 7-story buildings sharing the ocean views.

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Ifshin Violins
El Cerrito, California
Ifshin Violins builds violins, violas and cellos that it sells or leases to thousands of customers including solo, symphony and amateur musicians as well as vintage string instrument collectors.

Ifshin acquired a building in El Cerrito, California, razed it, and built a 15,000 square foot superstore. Ifshin faced the daunting task of isolating sound for customers from other patrons as well as the 10 technicians who work on instruments all day. Jay Ifshin understood the ability to apply modern technology to his sound challenge without compromising unnecessarily on space. After conducting extensive research, Ifshin selected Supress Products Sound-Engineered Drywall for all relevant wall surfaces in the store.

"We wanted to provide a better buying experience for our clients," said Ifshin, who learned to play violin in his twenties in Florida. "With Supress, we have enabled our customers to go into comfortably-sized rooms and not hear noise from adjacent rooms within the store or the street outside."

  Other Video Projects

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Flip this House
A&E’s popular home flipping show uses Supress Sound-Engineered Drywall to help a “Flipper in Need”.

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Architects Specify Supress
Builders/subcontractors understand new sound requirements.

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Live Loud... Keep the Peace with Supress
Solving sound/noise issues in an active home environment.

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Using Supress in Remodel and Renovation Projects
The solution to common sound/noise Issues.

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Installing Supress on the Job Site
What the Pros Say

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School Theater
The solution to sound proofing in a school theater.
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