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How much noise will it eliminate?
That depends on two things, a) how much sound is being produced and b) how much sound the planned system with be able to eliminate. A superior double wall system will be able to eliminate more noise than just a single stud system if the noises are the same. All situations will be unique and different.

What sizes does Supress Sound Engineered Panels come in?
4'x6' - 4'x8' - 4'x9' - 4'x10' - 4'x12'

What’s the difference between you and competitors?
Competitor panels may include metal and/or ceramic - which make their panels very heavy and difficult to install. In addition, ceramic or metal can interrupt wireless communications in rooms. Supress Sound Engineered panels only include pure gypsum, paper, and our visco-elastic polymer. This allows the panels to weigh less thus lower building load and simple to install with standard tools.

Do I have to use older methods such as resilient channel or MLV?
No, it is not necessary to install additional legacy methods to achieve the STC numbers we have tested at.

What makes it work?
It’s the visco-elastic polymer layered between the pieces of drywall. The polymer sheers the sound as tries to penetrate the wall system.

What's visco elastic polymer?
It is a safe water-based material that allows the wall to sheer thus dissipating the noise penetrating through the wall.

Are Supress Sound Engineered Drywall Panels toxic or hazardous?
No. Please refer to our MSDS page listed on our Downloads/Testing Info page.


How do you install Supress Sound Engineered Drywall?
Just like regular drywall, the panel scores, snaps, muds, tapes and finishes just like regular drywall.

Do I have to tear down my existing wall?
No. You can place the panels right on top of existing drywall for even better performance.

Can you use it on wood and metal frames?

What's STC?
It stands for Sound Transmission Class, it is equivalent to the amount of decibels that a partition will be able to eliminate.

Where do you install the Supress Acoustical Sealant?
You use it on all panel edges, joint or seams..

How much Supress Acoustical Sealant do you need?
1 tube for every two panels.


Where are the applications for Supress Sound-Engineered Products?
Products may be used on any indoor wall, ceiling or floor.

Do you have a floor noise absorption product?
For the floor, we recommend our Sound-Engineered Plywood.

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