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August 08, 2007
Supress Products announced the nationwide availability of Supress Soundproofing Adhesive™ for Wood.
San Rafael, Calif. - Supress Products, LLC, the leader in cost-effective, easy-to-install solutions to unwanted sound and noise in residential and commercial structures, today announced the nationwide availability of Supress Soundproofing Adhesive TM for Wood. An addition to Supress' revolutionary noise and mold suppression product line, Supress Soundproofing Adhesive is a high-performance, water-based damping compound specifically designed for laminating wood panels such as Plywood, Oriented Strand Board (OSB), Particle Board and Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) used in floors, walls and ceiling assemblies. Supress Soundproofing Adhesive is an easy, low-cost upgrade for existing structures while providing the highest STC and IIC performance available in standard assemblies and dramatically reducing impact noise-making the product ideal for floors and shear wall assemblies.

"We're continuing to see a high demand for our revolutionary soundproofing materials," explains Bruce Donaldson, President of Supress Products, LLC. "Building professionals and custom home theater builders have different installation needs, budgets and specifications, often with custom assembly needs with unique materials on the job site. We have been working directly with them to develop and bring those desired products to market as quickly as possible."

Each standard size tube fits existing equipment on the job site, and covers an average of 15-25 square feet with no hazardous chemicals of solvents--making it extremely environmentally friendly.

Supress Soundproofing Adhesive for Wood (AS487) is available through local professional building supply dealers and distributors across the US, in Canada and in Mexico. Ask your architect or builder/contractor about the Supress solutions or visit, for more information.

About Supress Products
Founded in 2005, Supress Products, LLC, manufactures state-of-the-art suppressive building materials for use by architects and professional builders. Supress soundproofing products are tested by leading independent research organizations such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Canada's National Research Counsel (NRC) and Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) to assure performance and LEED compliance. Supress Products has revolutionized the building industry with cost-effective and easy-to-install drywall solutions to unwanted sound and noise in residential and commercial structures. The company is actively involved in many industry associations to further the awareness, understanding, and use of advanced green building materials that help professionals build higher performance structures. For additional information on residential and commercial soundproofing, please visit or call 800-456-4061. Supress is a registered trademark of Supress Products, LLC.

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