Supress Products manufactures state-of-the-art sound-suppressing building materials including Sound-Engineered Drywall, Sound-Engineered Plywood, Sound-Engineered Adhesive and Sound-Engineered Sealant, for drywall and plywood. Supress products improve sustainability by eliminating 1/3rd to 1/2 of the drywall required in traditional wall assemblies while delivering superior acoustical results. Since drywall consumes a lot of energy during manufacturing, reducing the amount of drywall in the wall assemblies saves energy and eliminates the transportation and waste associated with those additional layers, all of which have a positive environmental impact.

Supress uses drywall gypsum manufactured in the United States as opposed to Asia which requires energy to ship overseas. Supress laminates and adhesives are made of non-toxic, water-based materials resulting in minimal off gassing. Supress is opening production plants across the United States to reduce energy consumption associated with shipping its product across North America.

Supress uses railroad whenever possible which is nearly four times more efficient then trucking according to statistics offered by Union Pacific. Roughly 200,000 pounds of Sound-Engineered Drywall can be placed on one center beam railcar versus just 45,000 pounds on a truck thus reducing energy consumption.

Supress is actively involved in many industry associations including the U.S. Green Building Council, NAHB, and HBA to further the awareness, understanding, and use of advanced green building materials that help professionals build higher performance structures while reducing the overall impact on the environment.


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